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byebye, won't be part of TOM Empty byebye, won't be part of TOM


Yes, again... Again a message from me saying bye bye.
I won't write a long text as I dont want and you neither would like.

So just say that I'm out now from the team as I do not agree with the way to treat some things. Here the people is great, thanks to my mates! But I just feel tired again, and I don't agree with some things. But not any personal problems. Just if I'm Supad here I would like to do some things but I can't because not everybody agree. And when there are different opinions between supad at any team, thats not good. It can't be good.

So bye all, was a pleasure AND: I just leave the team, not servers, so I will keep racing! See you on track!!

PS: Please I dont want message like "this is sad" or something, as we will see on track and have fun, so np!

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byebye, won't be part of TOM :: Comments

TomTom Team owner

Post on Tue May 07, 2013 3:44 am by TomTom Team owner


Ok it is your coice and Im sorry for that !
Sorry that I dont agree for some of your ideas about doing "some" things with the team!
Mabe one day you will have your one team and create everything as you like !
I was in the same situation...1st at AA...than at MRc....
So I just made an one team!
I takes a lot of time and now also a lot of money to keep the servers running good !
But...I could not make it without you guys....
You created a great forum....
Than from 1st day on ..Brian...mukki and Demonaz have do all thes complicated setups with the software!
I never could do that...Im not a programmer and have no expierence for all that!
Meddc (Boss from AA) had mailed me long time ago:
"You only made your servers to be a big boss"
All Admins know that I never play a "big Boss"
Always I tell them to do what ever they think is best for servers .. do it !!!
I think that all my brothers will confirm that I let them free hands for my servers!
Im NOT A BIG BOSS...IM A BROTHER for them..(I hope).
So I wish you all the best and your welcome anytime...

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Post on Tue May 07, 2013 3:55 am by Saez

Hi Roland

thanks for your words, I appreciate it a lot and I already told you at mail, we still friends, there arent any personal problems with anybody!

as i said i will still racing lfs (maybe not too much this week as im on exams), but after next week i will be on holidays, so i will play more for sure and we will se on servers (aa, mrc, tom, cargame...)

all the best to the continue of your team Tom! You deserve it! Wink

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Post on Wed May 08, 2013 9:52 am by meddc

TomTom Team owner wrote:Meddc (Boss from AA) had mailed me long time ago:
"You only made your servers to be a big boss"
I don't really want to get involved in this discussion or indeed this forum, but I would just like to put the record straight and say that is not a direct quote from any email I sent. I would never put something as crudely as that. I think TomTom has put his own interpretation on the gist of the message, which may come from us being fluent in different languages, who knows. I may well have speculated on what the motivation was for setting up the team, and in some respects, TomTom's other comments right here in this thread confirm that it was so he could run the servers how he wanted. That's fine. He pays for them so it is his right to manage them as he sees fit. But I don't appreciate being mis-quoted, or indeed having the contents of private conversations with individuals aired on a public forum, so felt I had to post.

Saez - sorry to crash your thread and best of luck for the future.

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TomTom Team owner

Post on Wed May 08, 2013 8:06 pm by TomTom Team owner



That was nothing against you....
I hope that you know that we 2 and AA have no problehms.
It was only an examle to explain things to saez !
regards Roland

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