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  • 20131028
     Global announcement:
    Hello Racers!

    On the first of November starts new TOM S2 Champ cup!

    The cup ends at 23. of December and the racer with most points (and at least 4000 points) will get S2 License as an Christmas present.

    To participate in contest you have to register on our forum. From the winner we also would like to see safety rating higher than 80%.

    And as usual if the player with most points already has S2 will the next most points having player without S2 get the prize.

    Regards TOM Servers

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  • 20130725

    For ensuring worthy of the S2 voucher prize winner, we now one require at least 3000 champ points from the winner at the end of the champ cup to win the prize.

    Regards TOM Servers

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  • 20130327
     Global announcement: [ Poll ]
    Hi Guys, Just to let you know [TOM]™ as got now a facebook page.
    For Any Problems you can post it there too, as we will respond as soon as possible, but even here would be better.

    [TOM]™ Facebook Page

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  • 20130926
    Hello Racers

    After the server maintenance TOM Servers are back and with few changes.

    First of all couple of changes to the server names have been done. All our servers come now with "!" character in front of the name.
    This is because now if you list the servers by name in LFS server list, we are very near of the top of the list.

    Secondly the Blackwood FBM name has been changed to FBM Demo and Blackwood GTI to GTI Demo for better description. Also the Blackwood...

    by Demonaz - Comments: 2 - Views: 244
  • 20130926

    Tonight between 23:00-07:00 next morning (German time) our servers are under maintenance.

    Our provider is moving them to new High-performance data center.

    Due to this servers are going to be offline couple of hours.

    Best Regards


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  • 20130724
    Last News Champ

    Tom Servers Congratulate the Winners!
    Driver of the month: Heidi Klumlol!  (chef2) and new S2 owner Tauro (badboy12)
    congratz good job 

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  • 20140210
    Tom Servers has change name to Cheff Racing team (CRt).

    This has no other meaning than hopefully bringing more racers.

    Currently all Team owners & Supads are very busy and have little time for racing, so if you have ideas to run servers more actively, please take contact.


    Demonaz & Cheff Racing team (ex TOM Servers)

    by Demonaz - Comments: 4 - Views: 439
  • 20131227
    Last News Points%202013-12-24%2001-02-37

    Sorry for being late but just got back home from Christmas holiday.

    So Groney was the player whit highest points and no S2 license and there for he is the winner of the S2 license (as soon as we get one from the LFS team whom seems to be in holiday as well  lol! ).

    by Demonaz - Comments: 0 - Views: 205
  • 20130831
    Well firstly sorry for the delay. But i totally forgot this i\'m sorry 

    Well no worry because we have always are backup database files for champ data.
    The results were:

    #Username Points

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  • 20130825
    The FBM Crash Server is targeted to beginners and also not so skilled drivers, who want to race without care of much rules or bans nor points.

    Crashing is allowed and even recommended, because no Airio here.

    We are looking to get somekind of insim application to spice things up a little bit (oar maybe free Airio with mild rules) though.

    So bang and clang, sa müsün!

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  • 20130616
    Last News Introducing-LZMA-and-XZ-Compression-Algorithms-2

    So this night we changed our server machines from Windoof to Linux, thus trying to solve those painful crashes almost every day. For racer this doesn't require any actions. But be noticed that the version of LFS server program we now use, spectates racers if hes/hers car skin doesn't found in LFSW, thus eliminating unnecessary network traffic.

    Regards Demonaz

    by Demonaz - Comments: 1 - Views: 1058
  • 20130616
    TOM Servers second championship over results are

    #Username Points
    3mukkipukki 6539 
    5m. suumankeli4590

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  • 20130531
    Sorry for inconvenience but servers are temporary down this evening for maintenance.
    Last News 2861234124

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  • 20130509
    TOM Servers first Champpionship is now come to an end and here are the results:
    Last News 3783998652

    #Username Points
    1notme 8593
    2lavezzi 7839
    3mukkipukki 4822
    4m. suumankeli 4587
    5tba 3036
    6chef2 2672
    7gumipoliku 2526

    by Demonaz - Comments: 6 - Views: 411
  • 20130509

    Just small tribute.

    by Demonaz - Comments: 7 - Views: 348
  • 20130510
    Hi Racers

    New experimental TOM Go-Kart Server is open.

    Last News Attachment
    There's small track in Blackwood carpark were racing with MRT takes place. Track is made by dragon13 and it's downloaded from LFS Forum Autocross layouts database.

    If u know good tracks for karting or if you are good making them, please let us know.

    Regards Demonaz

    by Demonaz - Comments: 2 - Views: 683
  • 20130507

    Yes, again... Again a message from me saying bye bye.
    I won't write a long text as I dont want and you neither would like.

    So just say that I'm out now from the team as I do not agree with the way to treat some things. Here the people is great, thanks to my mates! But I just feel tired again, and I don't agree with some things. But not any personal problems. Just if I'm Supad here I would like to do some things but I can't because not everybody agree. And when there are different opinions between supad at any team, thats not good. It can't be good.

    So bye...

    by Saez - Comments: 4 - Views: 395
  • 20130506
    Today opened two more TOM servers.

    The TOM S1 server is from S1 racing including all S1 tracks and cars.

    TOM Crash Server is demo server for crashing demolition derby style in Blackwood carpark.

    by Demonaz - Comments: 1 - Views: 261
  • 20130503
    Hi TOM members and visitors,

    The TOM team is proud to tell you that since tonight we got an own dedicated server to host our servers, what means that now we do not depend from any other company, as our experience with the last host wasn't as good as we want.

    In this new dedicated server, at the moment we are hosting the same four servers as before, and with all the data from the other server, so the S2 contest still with the same points there. And remember that in 5 days it will finish and start a new one.

    We hope you all can enjoy now better with this new servers,...

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  • 20130328
    Hey guys,

    TOM Servers are proud to tell you that since 1 of April, the racer with most points at ALL our servers will get an S2 LICENSE!

    Every month will start the new points championship, and who arrives at the end of the month with most points will get that license.

    IMPORTANT: If the racer winner already have S2, he won't get that prize, and the S2 will go to the next racer with most points and without S2 license.

    Anyway the driver with most points, if he already have S2, he will be the "TOM driver...

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  • 20130331
    Hi guys!

    I write it to tell you guys that at the moment I'm our from my admin work at TOM. I'm tired from some things happened last ays and now I just want to have fun racing, something that I lost last days.

    Anyway maybe I ome back in some days, maybe not. I don't know what I will do. But since this moment I'm out of this. Obviously I will continue playing LFS, and I don't know if it will continue, but if TOM servers still online I will play also there. I haven't problems with any guys, is just me I'm tired and as I said I just want to have fun racing. And since some days...

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  • 20130407
    Last News S2

    The S2 server replaced the always empty GTI server.

    All cars and tracks available!

    Changing track is possible after race end via Airio track voting system.

    by Demonaz - Comments: 7 - Views: 368

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