Servers wii be shut down

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Servers wii be shut down

Post by TomTom Team owner on Sun Feb 16, 2014 12:24 am

Hi Teamnembers and racers !

Just want to let you guys know , that the (CRt servers...ex TOM servers) will be offline at 1st of june !
I thank all guys for racing at our servers !

The reason is:

Servers empty , most Limads dont race here anymore.....
So it makes no sence to keep these servers running.

Also I will have no more time from april on to take care for them.
Also Demonaz and mukki are finish with their study and have fulltime jobs now !

As I see everyday..all servers are empty...exept "hessuk" only true racer who is at servers !

So if anybody or a community (same as happened by AA) wants to take over the servers;
just let me know !

My e-mail:

Its no problehm to keep the contract and change servername and also the forum name.....

This are dedicated servers and 8 are running !
Also no problehm to list some more !

Servers are save and no problehms  " like with some cheep servers as most teams have "
get problehms with DOS attacks !

German provider (1&1).
Not the cheepest but one of the best with also best of security !

So if some guys are interessted...just let me know !

Thanks Roland

TomTom Team owner
TomTom Team owner
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