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Post by krys22 on Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:54 pm

HOWDY!!so much controversy about me.i m just a old bad biarch in this game.i m fair,i m foking funny,i thing i saw all shh in this game and i take this game like should be,a game.fun,fair play and make friends.rules are rules.so,if we join a team,we follow the leader and help him.if we feel we dont belong there,we better be a freelancer.that s my ideea of this game.cheers mates:D ....anyway,i m allmost 5 years in this game.if so called girs who race and do 1;12fbm time!???no they are mans 100%.no girl can do this time.we just dont have the reflexes and that spirit of combat like you guys.well.i did best 1;13.1;12 time is made from other racer for me.so,i m honest.i miss allmost 1 year lfs and now i m strugling between 1;14...i ll be better)))...let s have a beer now,couse this curiculum vitae make me drink one)))))))))))...i love myself sometimes:heart:


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