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Post by Ruben. on Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:54 am

Hi Brothers!

I am Ruben, 19 years old and i live in Holland.
My parents split when i was 8 years old. Then a very difficult time came for me. My mom found a new boyfriend, and the guy had loose hands, so he hit us practicly every day. Luckyly my mom found out and left him after 4 hard years.
I tell you this, because it has made me a strong person, i know what i want and i know who i am.
In the time my parents splitted, i got bullied at school a lot, because i was an easy target.

After that period i became a strong man like i said, and now i am appriciated by lots of people, i go out with them a lot, and i have lots of friends.
I only have 2 really good friends here, wich helped me trough everything, and i can call anytime, and i really like that! I am also a person like that.

Now my mom has a good boyfriend, and my father married again with a wonderfull woman! She really feels like my mom sometimes!
They also got a new kid, she is now allmost 4 years old, and she allmost feels like my own kid, since i love her so much!

If there is anything i've learned trough the past years, its that you have to enjoy live to the fullest!
Also i am really working hard to do something with Music, like being a Radio DJ



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