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Post by Formula 1 on Wed Feb 27, 2013 1:42 pm

My name is Brian, Im 22 years old and I born in Palermo, Sicily (Italy), which i was living at the bottom of a Mountain 6km away from a little village and 30km from Palermo, I grown up in the poverty really as my mum and dad was always paying a mortgage and they just had the money for food and for the car after paying bills and nothing really for me and my 2 other brothers Im the middle brother, i had few used toys when i was kid or just what ever my eldest brother didnt want i was sharing it with my youngest brother.
I was getting bullied at school from teachers and school mates as for my name was a English one as my dad originally is Born in Germany in a British Army Hospital in Rinteln, and my mum Originally Born in Suez, Egypt so in my family we are multi cultural and before you think what religions we are by all this we are Catholic Very Happy.
After living in Italy for 13 years my mum and dad decided to move back to UK in Rochdale because my auntie living there, which I wasnt happy but i knew they was going to do it for my future and my brothers too, After I moved i was in a british school where i didnt even knew 1 word of English which it took me 3 years to learn it (even if is not perfect but im happy for the results) Anyway i've been doing 2 years of High School and then I moved to College and I've Studied 2 years of IT System Support which i Qualified with Level2 and I had a little experience working in a computer shop.
Unfortunately i've been unlucky as the computer shop closed down and i tried to get a job for 3 years then I Decided to become a Security Officer so i've done the course and i passed, I Had an opportunity to become a Security Officer for 4 Hospitals but i've been unlucky which i had an Health problem with my Spleen, so after 2 months i was well but with no jobs and then after 6 months i've got a job as a Shop Assistant for a supermarket and because im fully licensed Security Officer they put me to check the CCTV's for shop lifter.
Unfortunately I Can't do heavy jobs as i Born with Asthma which I can't write here some things but few people knows about my heart condition but all I can say is We Live our Time To the Fullest if not 1 day we will regret it Smile anyway my hobbies are Cars, Computers, Friends Family"well not really a hobby family and friends lol" and Girls Very Happy.
Here the link of 1 of my hobby Very Happy
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