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Post by Formula 1 on Tue Feb 19, 2013 11:19 am

Username:Formula 1
Country:United Kingdom
In-game name:[TOM]™️ Brian
Safety:N/A but usually over 90%
Fav track and car:Blackwood FBM
Little about me: My name is Brian, Im 22 years old and I live in England, Recently came out from 1 of the biggest team of LFS which is [MRc], After talking with My Friend Roland In game Name ([TOM]™️ TomTom) and Saez in game name Saez We Decided to Open our own Server which [TOM]™️ TomTom is the owner of this Team, I'm the one who checks and Configure Airio and Saez is the one who administrate the forum which very soon will be leading the Airio Server too, More than friendships we classify Eachother as family, even if we are in different locations of the world we have such a big respect to each other and that we have a good relation, We Are Recruiting Players to be Limads in our servers which they are:
[TOM] Blackwood GTI
[TOM] Rally
[TOM] Blackwood FBM
[TOM] Blackwood GP Track
We are looking for people who respect everybody and that wouldn't mind spectating in a Raceif anything happen which is checking replays if any crash happens and that he can deal with it as we got 3 little rules for our self as well which they are, Warn the player then if he dont wanna listen kick and if he carries on then we use the option of banning.
If you would like to know anything just ask as asking wont cost anything Smile geek
[TOM]™️ Brian Aka Formula 1
Formula 1
Formula 1

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